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Everybody wants their weddings to be unique in every way possible without crossing the line into weird, wacky and just plain insane. Basically, you want to balance sticking to the traditional but injecting good doses of modernity as well as your personality as an individual and as a couple.

Well, this is not as difficult as it seems. You always have the choice of personalized beach favors on your side. Of course, this is with the assumption that you are having a beach-themed wedding or better yet, a wedding on the beach. Otherwise, your favors will look out of place in a winter-themed wedding, for example.

In themselves, these beach favors are cute, charming and to-die for. After all, who can say no to candles, candies and other goodies perfect for the beach? Definitely not your beach-loving family and friends!

But for a touch of your personality, you should have your beach favors personalized. Your method of personalization will vary depending on the available services offered by the supplier and on the amount of time you are willing to pour into the personalization.

Many suppliers will imprint your names as well as the date, time and venue of your wedding on the personalized beach favors, be it on the seed cards, mint tins and stickers. Or you can skip this cheesy tradition and go for a short one-liner dedication on the paper, which can truly reflect your personality. For example, if you wish to be funny, try a line like “We hope this is our last wedding, ever, because other weddings cannot compare to this one”.

Your supplier may also agree to change the color of the favors to suit your wedding motif. For example, instead of blue seed cards, you may have them changed to red ones. Indeed, if a supplier cannot accommodate small changes in specifications, you may want to change vendors now.

You may also choose an ordinary favor, in a manner of speaking, and then spruce it up in your own way. You can buy the stickers and put pen to paper for a truly personalized touch. Or personalized ribbons can go around average looking candles for that touch of oomph.

Truly, personalized beach favors will always work in your favor. Your personality can be reflected in these charming knickknacks so much that your guests will have no doubt that you have poured your heart and soul into choosing these favors just for them. Now, that is a really sweet, thoughtful and personal thought.

In many ways, holding a wedding is a grand production. The couple is the stars, directors and producers of the show while the guests are the audience. It is, indeed, quite a responsibility to assume even before you have been committed as husband and wife, a responsibility that you will strive to come out smelling like roses, so to speak.

Well, in that case, you should go for beach candle favors for many reasons. For one thing, these wedding favors are so cute, so charming and so elegant that your guests cannot help but love them to bits. And so will you once the very affordable price tags are known.

For another thing, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes. Your choices will include orchids, starfishes and sand dollars set inside the candles; holders in glasses and tins; and many other whimsical shapes like rubber ducks, flip flops and even sand castles.

The trick in choosing from among beach candle favors is staying within your budget, within your wedding motif and within your personal preferences. You may want to please the guests – or the audience, if you do assume that the wedding is a production of sorts – with your choice of favors but in the end, you are still the stars of the show and the audience loves their stars.

When staying within your budget, make sure that you already have a very close estimate of the number of guests coming to your wedding. Only then should you order the favors. Just divide your budget for the favors by the number of guests, with the result as the target per-unit cost of the favors.

As for remaining true to your motif, look at all the possible choices before placing your orders. Keep in mind that once production has began on the favors and you wish to change them to something else, you have to face the consequences. You will either have to pay for the partially-filled order or you will not have your new orders on time. Either way, you may be wasting money.

And then there is the matter of personal preferences. Often, you have to go with your own eye since you cannot please everybody in the audience. Now, if you are happy with your choice, your family and friends will be happy for you, too, and we are not just talking about beach candle favors either.

In conclusion, wedding favors are just ways to say “Thank you” to your guests for coming to your wedding. Cross your fingers that they had a good time on your special day, just like you did.

Traditional marriages

Traditional marriages

It is rightly said “the only constant and permanent thing is change.” Evolution and metamorphism is the process through which each and every object undergoes continuously. It includes human nature, attitude, culture, relationships, traditions etc. We can observe this change in all the spheres of life. Everything around us has changed a lot since the time of our forefathers. Just take the example of weddings. In the past they used to be very hectic and tiresome event. The only location that could be thought of in the past was churches. They still are but now we have found ways to minimize the burden and transform it more towards enjoyment and gratification.

Wedding: A once ina life time moment

Wedding: A once ina life time moment

Now weddings are gazed upon by a broader frame of mind. There are various factors that have contributed towards this evolution like modern technology or lesser orthodox nature of people etc. When we think about the wedding ceremony, a lot of questions come to our mind. And the most striking question that comes first is – which place would be suitable? Recently, a new trend has started, couples are now thinking of the most innovative methods to tie the knot and that too in a strange fashion. Some preferred an aircraft which was thousands of feet above the surface of the earth, some chose the abyss of sea and the weird list continues. It sounds really exciting but is obviously not possible for a vast majority of us. Well, conventional weddings are also taking a new format.

Modern Wedding Reception

Modern Wedding Reception

There are a lot of couples taking their wedding vows in ships, zoo parks and forts. The traditional form is still mostly prevalent. But it has no longer remained a compulsion. Marriage is a one-time affair. No wonder people want to make the most of it so that the pleasant memories stay with them forever. Each and every person has a dream regarding his/her wedding. Then try to make it different from others so that it is remembered for a long time. Just by few minor changes a major difference can be brought like location, theme, costume, accessories, etc. A number of couples want to tie the knot in open surroundings, with plenty of greenery. In fact, most couples have some unique ideas for marriage. Beach weddings, island weddings, resort weddings are some specimen of these. You would feel proud and delighted to hear people talk about your marriage even after years as and remember it as an ideal one.

Beach wedding

Beach wedding

A Beach wedding is a splendid idea in itself. But it is not an uncommon trend now. To make it a special one you need to do a bit special and different. By doing small favors you can make big difference. Keeping certain things in mind like decoration of the entire setup, costumes of the couple, return favors for the guests as gesture of thanksgiving, designing the invitation card in a special manner etc.

All these can really make the wedding a memorable occasion for both, couple as well as guests.

Beaches provide relaxation to mind and soul. The first thing to be decided is the selection of location.  Caribbean and Hawaii islands are the first choice of people. You can choose any beach keeping in mind the permit of local authorities and get it booked in advance.



Invitation to the guests should be send well before wedding. It should give a glimpse of theme of wedding.

The next thing to be taken care of is the complete setup of beach. Beach wedding is considered an informal wedding. So prefer light colors for decoration like white for the draperies, light blue or pink colored flowers for decoration. It would be best if tropical flowers are used.

Exquisite food like sea foods, chocolates, drink mixes, summer cocktails, light foods that reflect the bounty and freshness of summer like cool tropical fruits, seafood, chilled salads and airy desserts. Avoid heavy typical meals that are used in formal Beach wedding receptions.

Return favors for guests

Return favors for guests

As a return favor elegant or simple gifts can be given which shows your respect and gratitude towards your guests. There is a vast variety of gifts that can be given depending upon your budget. You can go a step further by giving personalized gift to your guests acknowledging their tastes. It would make them feel special and they would be obliged to attend your wedding.

A beach wedding

Beach wedding

Beach wedding

It said that “marriages are made in heaven”! Marriage is a very special occasion and all of us want it to be the most memorable event of our lives as from here onwards our life enters into a new phase. To make an event special the preparations should also be special. This has inspired 21st century marriages and people now think of new ideas for their marriage party.

An ideal beach wedding setup

An ideal beach wedding setup

An upcoming trend in this field is beachtheme marriages. Beaches have always been a recreation destination for all of us and what can be better utilization of such a place than getting tied in an eternal knot at such a place?

People prefer having beach weddings for various reasons like it gives an exotic location to the couples and the guests, saves money on ceremony and reception costs, or simply to enjoy a more informal wedding with friends and family.

Majority of beach weddings take place at sunset, but you can also try it out at sunrise? Serve pastries, coffee, and fresh juices to guests. Have tables decorated with light blue, green or pink accents, and put up beach umbrellas to shade guests in the height of the morning sunshine.

An ideal marriage

An ideal marriage

Everything related to a beach marriage is special like the attire of the couple can be slightly informal, their accessories can be inspired by the aquatic life, the decoration of the place can be done in white draperies with blue or pink flowers. The elegance of beach wedding decorations can be increased by decorative articles such as seashell shaped candles, starfish place card holders, outdoor lanterns, and much more.

Before you decide on an oceanfront destination, remember to check if you need a city permit or other document to hold the event at the beach. Once you’ve booked your beach wedding venue, you can start planning the food, décor, favors and wedding attire.

An oceanfront wedding can be a gorgeous setting for a ceremony and reception, whether you’re getting married during the day or after the sun goes down. If you want to plan the perfect beach wedding, consider using some of these ideas for your special day: 

The Décor and Favors 

Beach themed weddings have become incredibly popular, especially because so many people decide on destination weddings. It’s easy to find beach wedding décor online such as seashell shaped candles, starfish place card holders, outdoor lanterns, and much more. A white tent makes an ideal shelter from wind or rain, and you can place tropical flowers leading up the pathway to the door for a festive touch, or twinkling mini lights on the canopy. If you are using candles on your reception tables or inside the tent, ensure that you buy wind proof candles, as you don’t want a strong breeze to put out your ambiance.  

You can give your guests a token of your day that fits with the oceanfront wedding theme. Browse online wedding favor stores for everything from personalized beach bags to silk leis in your wedding colors.  

The Wedding Attire 

Oceanfront weddings usually mean a more casual dress code for guests. While you don’t have to wear Bermuda shorts and tank tops (but you can if you want to!) if you want something a little more elegant, most couples wear bare feet or sandals, and the bride often wears a shorter white dress or more casual outfit than she would for a traditional ceremony. Make sure you let your guests know if they should wear tropical themed clothing, or if the dress code will be more formal. 

Other Things To Remember For A Beach Wedding 

Make sure you have a plan B. Even if the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny on the day of your wedding, have a backup venue where you can relocate to if things get windy or rainy. You should also have wooden platforms leading to entrance ways or exits – navigating the sand in heels is difficult enough for guests who are mobile, but even worse for elderly or wheelchair-bound guests.